AST KSP8 Bearing

AST KSP8 Characteristics:

AST KSP8 Part number
AST KSP8 Available:
AST KSP8 size
AST KSP8 Product type
Deep Groove Ball Bearings KSP8

AST KSP8 Specifications:

AST KSP8 Manufacturer:
AST Bearings Company
AST KSP8 Classify:
Airframe Control Ball Bearings: Single and Double Row
AST KSP8 P5 Bearings Model:
AST KSP8 P5 Supplier:
AST Company Limited
AST KSP8 P5 size:
(dimensions in inches)
AST KSP8 P5 Bearing Type
AST KSP8 P5 Bore Dia (d)
AST KSP8 P5 Outer Dia (D)
AST KSP8 P5 Outer Width (Bo)
AST KSP8 P5 Inner Width (Bi)
AST KSP8 P5 Dynamic Load Rating (Cr)
AST KSP8 P5 Static Load Rating (Cor)
AST KSP8 P5 Max. Shaft Shoulder Dia. Inner (Li)
AST KSP8 P5 Ball Qty
AST KSP8 P5 Ball Dia (Dw)
AST KSP8 P5 Max. shaft corner radius, or 45 deg. chamfer (ch1)
AST KSP8 P5 Max. housing corner radius, or 45 deg. chamfer (ch)
AST KSP8 P5 Material
52100 Chrome steel or equivalent
AST KSP8 P5 The dynamic load rating given is for outer race rotation. The dynamic load rating for inner race rotation is 3670 pounds.
AST KSP8 P5 The static thrust load rating is 500 pounds.
AST KSP8 P5 The bore diameter tolerance is +.0000 / -.0005".
AST KSP8 P5 The outside diameter tolerance is +.0000" / -.0005".
AST KSP8 P5 The tolerance for the inner race width and the outer race width is +.000" / -.005"
AST KSP8 P5 The load ratings listed for these bearings are determined by the formulas used specifically for airframe bearings. These ratings are not equivalent to ratings calculated from the ABMA formulas used for most antifriction bearing products.
AST KSP8 P5 This bearing is intended for commercial applications. You must notify the AST sales department contact at the time of your inquiry if the bearing will be used in an airworthy application.
AST KSP8 P5 The bearing has two removable seals made of woven fabric Teflon.

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